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Apache, OK 73006
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     In a society that compels individuals to pursue a singular concentration I find myself unable to specialize in a specific pursuit. I am drawn to a myriad of media. My flexibility in multiple artistic fields allows me to fluidly shift between concentrations without sacrificing quality. I am adept within many artistic areas including graphic design, photography, painting, writing, and video. My skill-set is vast but my characteristic style transcends format.

     My body of work conveys the energy with which I create. I choose to work intuitively rather than academically; moving with speed and spontaneity, as opposed to purposeful exactitude.  My current preoccupation with watercolor was born from this desire for speed and momentum.

     My personal philosophy pertaining to the production of art, is that pure creation is born from impulse and that over-analyzation is the enemy of imagination. This distinctive style remains ubiquitous despite the diversity of themes which I have pursued. While still able to create works of detailed intricacy and precision, my graphic design is predominantly minimal, imparting a powerful impact and clear message with simplicity of form. Those are the pieces that best capture my personal style. My work takes inspiration from Russian Constructivism and artists such as Shephard Fairey, who have modernized that aesthetic with the clean contours of their vector imagery.

     The Impressionist painters have also heavily influenced my art including artists like Monet, whose style changed drastically over the course of his career. His deteriorating eyesight was partly to blame and also something to which I can relate. I have difficulty differentiating details due to my color blindness. This has lead to instances where I must rely on subjectivity in my color choices. Nonetheless, in defiance of my chromatic deficiency, I continue to paint with vivid color, choosing to risk imperfection rather than hide from this elusive element. I tend to focus more on contrast of value than I do on the hue of my work. The dramatic lighting and heavy contrast of my portraits has been molded by my love of photographers like Ansel Adams. His black and white images are infused with dynamic light and shadow; something I try to emulate. My conceptual photography tends to be lit from a single source, creating deep shadows and heavily modeled figures. I infuse my portraits with chiaroscuro, adding drama and giving them the atmosphere of a Rembrandt painting.

     As I have grown and gained confidence in my endeavours, I have adapted; pursuing new subjects and a variety of techniques to continually challenge myself. I have progressed from objective subject matter into the realm of abstraction. To varying degrees, I have pushed the boundaries of form and shape. At times, I have minimally broken from the constraints of representation and in other cases I have completely obliterated naturalism by depicting organic forms as geometric grids. 

     To sum up my work, it is fluid and adaptable, bold and without fear, vibrating with energy, and delivering maximum impact with minimal detail. I embrace variety while simultaneously establishing unity through the ideology of intuitive momentum. My art is an extension of my philosophy.